Bike repair & service

Bike repair shop near you

Here at Kenny For Bikes we have been providing bike repairs services for a long time. We have seen a lot of changes, thankfully most of them for the better. In our bike shop we are fully equipped with the best tools, we believe your bike deserves the best, and that's why we only use Park Tool and Shimano genuine parts. If you use your bike regularly, we recommend that you get your bicycle serviced every six months. With lighter usage, at least once a year.

The more sprockets on the back the quicker it wears, so newer bikes wear out quicker than the old ones. Bikes that have not been used or not stored correctly will decay.  For example, tyres left on concrete will perish and storage in a damp environment will cause rust.  

Parents, leaving your kids’ bikes outside is never a good idea and if they are left out for too long we may refuse to repair it due to the costs it will incur.

A regularly serviced bike will run much smoother, be more efficient, and the components will last longer. It will also be a lot safer as any worn parts can be found and fixed before they fail. We don't have a fixed service price, we asses each bike individually and will give you a full quote for all bike repair works that need to be undertaken. We will only continue once the owner’s permission has been obtained. We fix most makes of bikes - not just the ones we sell; sometimes we may refuse extremely old bikes and plastic toy bikes.

Do I need to book my bike repair?

It’s always best to book your bike in with us in advance for an assessment, as the bike repair shop is very busy, especially in the months June and July.  We may not undertake major repairs in December and the week leading up to Christmas, not at all.  

Bikes left with us and not collected after 21 days may be subject to a storage charge.  You must produce your repair receipt on collection of your bike.

And finally, warranty work is only carried out on our own bikes.