KENNY FOR BIKES are main agents for Berg Go Karts in Co Wexford. Not only Wexford but we sell them all over Ireland.
Over 25 years Kenny’s have been doing Berg products. We stock the full range of Berg go-karts and we are also agents for  Berg Trampolines in County Wexford.
So  if its Berg Go-2, Buzzy,  Reppy,  Rally,  Pearl,  Classic,  Race,  Farm, or Trampolines, Regular, Inground, Flatground, Sport, Favorit, Champion, Elite – we are the ones to contact. Don’t forget the name KENNY FOR BIKES for all your go-kart and trampoline needs in Co Wexford.
  • Large ride-ons

    Large ride-ons (18)

    Berg have been famous for its large ride-ons.  This is where their journey all started with the Berg Basic, then the Berg Extra and finally Berg Extra Sport BRF. Kenny For Bikes have been selling  Berg large ride-on in Co Wexford for 25 years and more. Special offer for Christmas, it comes with a second seat so you get extra…
  • Small ride-ons

    Small ride-ons (23)

    Berg toys have a full range of small ride-ons, from 10 months to 5 years. From berg Go 2 sit and ride to berg buzzy 2-5 years. BSX, Bloom, Nitro, John Deer, Sahara, Rubicon, Aero, Berg Choppy Neo, Berg buddy Orange, Buddy Lua, Buddy Cross, Berg buddy John Deer, Fent and street racer. Age 3-8 years. Making Berg toys the…