Berg Reppy GP Go Kart


  • The Reppy is suitable for children from ages 2.5 to 6
  • Equipped with 10’’ inch EVA tyres 
  • The swing axle ensures children always maintain grip on the road
  • The cool bucket seat has a knob for easy seat adjustment
  • Adjustable seat in 4 positions
  • Easy to lift up using the frame handle
  • The direct drive system makes pedaling easy
  • Sleek and attractive design


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Berg Reppy GP Go-Kart: An Attractive Design For Hours Of Outdoors Fun.

The design of the Reppy definitely makes you the edgiest in the neighbourhood! Just look at the low bucket seat and that striking racing steering wheel! This go-kart is super easy for adults to lift using the frame handle. The go-kart is light and compact, making it easy to store away after playing. It’s also extra stable due to the 4 wheels. It grows along with your child.
The bucket seat can be easily adjusted to 4 positions using the rotating knob. No tools are required! The low seat position makes adjusting the steering wheel unnecessary. The steering wheel is always accessible, no matter which seat position the child takes. The direct drive system makes it easy to pedal forwards and backwards. Leg movement is directly converted into action through the fixed connection between the front pedal crank and the rear axle.

EVA tyres are made of high-tech foam. For the BERG Reppy, this is the ideal replacement for traditional rubber inner and outer tubes. Due to the right composition, EVA tyres are just as wear-resistant as traditional rubber tyres, but they can never leak air. These tyres are also whisper silent. This makes the go-kart ideal for use indoors and out.

This BERG product is Cradle to Cradle certified. This product targets, optimizes, and verifies in design and manufacturing by manufacturing the safety, quality, and responsibility of products in five categories: use of healthy materials, producte circularite2 CO, energy efficiency, water management, and social responsibility.