BUZZ RACK E-Hornet 2


  • Ideal for larger bikes and eBikes
  • A solid and and robust rack
  • Adjustable wheelholders and upright accommodate very large bikes
  • Tilts to allow access to the boot
  • The upright folds down for storage



BUZZ RACK carriers always have great build quality and this rack is extremely versatile too. It’s strong enough to take bikes up to 30kg, so it’s ideal for eBikes. It will also take a wheelbase up to 134cm and a bigger tyres up to 4″. It’s got a large upright so you’ll have no problem securing MTBs with huge frames, it’s equally suited to smaller bikes too. If you are looking for a versatile and future-proof rack for two bikes this should certainly be on your shortlist.

Assembly: Even though it doesn’t come assembled the E-Hornet 2 is very easy to put together: assemble the wheel support frame to the base using the supplied screws, assemble the light support with 2 more screws, install the license plate, slide in the plastic wheel supports, fit the rack to the tow ball with no tools needed and you are ready to go.

Fitting to the car: When you first place it on the tow ball it supports itself – you can let go of it and it won’t fall to the ground. You’ll then take the weight again, spin the tightening wheel until it’s tight, and lock it. BUZZ RACK’s carriers comply with the very exacting standard XPR-18-904-4 and therefore include an anti-sway tensioner; this has an integrated handle and 2 or 3 turns are usually sufficient.

Lighting system: The E-Hornet comes with a 7 pin lighting system, adapters are available if you have a 13 pin socket – see below.

Tilting: Tilting is easy, and is very well balanced even with a full load. The E-Hornet sits quite high on the tow ball, and the tilt function is optimised to prevent the lights from hitting the road surface, while still using the weight of the bikes to help bring the bike platform back to the level again in a controlled way. But this geometry doesn’t allow for vertical tailgates to be opened – the only tow bar carriers we know about that are suitable for these vehicles, e.g. VW Transporter T5 and T6, and MPVs such as the Vauxhall Zafira and Ford Galaxy, are the Atera STRADA DL3 and the Atera Genio Pro.