Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Road Tyre


  • ETRTO: 32 – 622
  • Dimension: 700 X 32C
  • Technology: Double Vectran Breaker




The Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Road tyre features Vectran technology, which is the innovation in puncture protection. It is a multi-fibre thermoplastic yarn woven from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Matrix and Vectran reinforcing fibres are lightweight, can withstand extreme strain, are resistant to wear and five times stronger than steel. Vectran protects the tyre against punctures and cuts. It is also more flexible.

The Grand Prix 4 Season incorporates Duraskins extreme sidewall reinforcement through its fabric. It is characterised by offering a very high mileage performance, combined with excellent grip in wet and cold conditions. With versions in 23mm, 25mm, 28 mm and 32 mm it is possible to use the Grand Prix 4 Season with different qualities of pavement. A double Vectran improves the protection against rips and punctures, reaching the highest values of the market.
Duraskin offers high-tech sidewall protection. It is a tough nylon fabric on the outside of the sidewall that protects the tyres against friction. The robustness and low weight are the result of a complex production process. The weight gain is only 10g.