• The new era in road cycling – the best all-rounder in the field at a completely new level of performance
  • The 28 “| 700 is bicycle rim size and 32 is wide
  • BlackChili Compound




The new era in cyclingThe best all-rounder in a completely new performance level. But tubeless. All the benefits of the Grand Prix 5000, but now for the first time in tubeless version. Drive faster, more comfortable with an even better leak protection. Made to make you better.Vectran breaker for most puncture resistant.Black Chili Compound for low rolling resistance and good grip.Lazer Grip specially designed for better cornering grip.Active Comfort Technology dampens vibration for comfort.Additional innerliners for tubeless seal.The tubeless version of the regular Grand Prix 5000. Braking has a big impact on the condition of the tires. Constant braking with permanent dragging of the brake can lead to too extremely high temperatures which may result in a sudden tube failure. Therefore these tips could be applied; when riding downhilll alternate both brakes, this distributes the brake heat on both rims. Brake before bends and release the brake as far as possible. Keep rolling as much as possible, this allows the rims to cool down a little. If you are forced to brake for a longer period of time, make a stop to let the rims cool down a little.