Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B Plus Trainer


  • Magnetic Drive unit with an integrated Misuro B+ wireless speed sensor which allows you to use your Bluetooth or ANT enabled Android or iOS device as a powerful, multifunctional trainer head unit
  • Comes with a free 6 month subscription to Elite’s My E-Training app but can also be used with third party software for a huge variety of training options
  • Strong Power Mag resistance unit with 8 levels of resistance controlled from the handlebar though an innovative trigger adjuster
  • Cutting edge Qubo frame offers a wider footprint with adjustable feet for improved stability and lower bike height for easier mounting
  • No need to calibrate roller pressure, the rider’s weight presses the tyre into the roller, meaning automatic adjustment and easy set-up
  • The Qubo frame also repositions the rear drive unit to allow use with fat-tyred 29ers
  • ElastoGel roller has improved tyre grip, reduces tyre wear and vibrations, and offers significant noise reduction over other rollers
  • Includes spare Q/R for those using Mavic or similar non-compatible Q/R skewers


With an integrated Misuro B+ wireless sensor you can connect your Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B Plus Turbo Trainer to a Bluetooth or ANT enabled Android or iOS device that’ll function as a head unit for complete control over your training. You’ll also be able to link to indoor cycling platforms such as Zwift or TrainerRoad and create more varied and interested sessions.

Power Mag Technology offers eight levels of resistance so you can hit your targets no matter if they’re based on power or cadence. The elastogel roller on which the wheel rests reduced friction by 50% and cuts down tyre wear. Compatible with both road and mountain bikes with wheels from 20″ to 29″, this is a versatile trainer that’s quick to setup, stable and practical.