• Colour: Black
  • Length: 70,5 mm
  • Width: 47,7 mm
  • Height: 27,3 mm
  • Weight: 62,5 g


Developed for easy use and setup, the Macro Easy GPS is perfect for any rider that just wants to record a ride and have the option to view their stats afterwards. No complicated setup, no messing with phone apps, and no excessive data fields. This simple GPS is ideal for the cyclist that just wants to ride and see basic ride data. Its one-time, on-device setup procedure will have you on the road and enjoying your ride in no time rather than flipping through an extensive user manual.

The Macro Easy GPS has full GPS recording capabilities with the option of connecting to Bluetooth-compatible heart rate sensors and/or speed/cadence sensors. A page with a breadcrumb trail ensures you will never get lost, and its impressive 28-hour battery runtime means minimal charging and plenty of riding. Using the supplied Micro-USB cable, upload rides to our GPS Root website for analysis and to share across popular social media platforms, if you so desire. The Macro Easy GPS is everything need, and nothing you don’t.